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TAETAE is an expert in recipe development of tea blending, and the skill it owns is incomparable in the industry. Tea blending requires sophisticated craftsmanship. By mixing two or more types of raw tea material with different properties but complementary to each other in certain aspects, blending can improve and stable the quality of finished puer teas. With tens of thousands of tons of raw material in storage, our expert tea blenders create blending recipes according to the age, growing region, picking season and characters of the raw tea material. Our blended puer tea boasts strong and heavy taste, and high and brisk aroma. After aging, the tea is richer and more balanced in flavor. That’s why we always hear people say that the older the puer tea, the better the flavor.
For more than ten years, the classic blending recipes we created have stood the test of the market and been long favored by consumers.



Fermentation is a crucial step to produce ripe puer tea, the success of  which determines the quality of finished tea products. Menghai tea factory developed the artificial pile-fermentation technology of ripe puer tea, and since its founding in 1973, the fermentation work has been carried out in its workshops for nearly 50 years without interruption. With mature and distinctive fermenting skills, Menghai tea factory has been producing puer teas with the unique “Menghai flavor”. In 2016, based on the artificial pile-fermentation technology, we successfully developed the 3rd generation smart fermentation technology for the benefit of body health, also known as microbial tea production technology. This new technology makes fermentation process more transparent and safe, and the tea purer  and healthier. This new biotechnology used in tea production is leading China’s tea industry toward a prosperous future.