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Yunnan TAETEA Charity Foundation


For a decade over, we has been participating in accidents and disasters alleviation. 

Whenever there is need, there is TAETEA.

In 2008, right after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province, TAETEA Charity Foundation donated millions of Chinese yuans to build two schools that are able to withstand magnitude 8 earthquakes. 

 In 2009, Yunnan experienced a once-in-a-century drought. TAETEA Charity Foundation raised 1 million Chinese yuan to fund the digging of 27 "wells of love" to solve water problems in the drought-stricken areas and the building of  100 small water cellars for villagers in difficulties. 

 In February 2020, TAETEA Charity Foundation set up a 10-million-Chinese -yuan Angels in White Protection Fund to cover the insurance for more than 38000 medical personnel who went to Hubei and fought the Covid-19 epidemic. 

In addition, TAETEA Group donated 64.28 tons of ELITEA—— our fermented puer tea drink worth 1.6 million yuan to Wuhan and Xianning city.