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Standard setter of puer tea

In order to provide tea lovers worldwide with high-quality puer tea, TAETEA has initiated the OCTA evaluation standard  for good puer tea.



Value of Origin


Value of Technology


Value of culture and collection


Value of age

TAETEA, providing great puer tea

As the manufacturer of most of the existing aged puer teas in the world, Menghai tea factory  produces TAETEA puer teas as the first-line products with inherited manufacturing skills. These products are long appreciated by consumers in and out of China. 

Benchmark Puer Teas (7542 raw puer cake  & 7572 ripe puer cake )

a legend in puer tea industry  

The production of 7542 raw puer cake  and 7572 ripe puer cake  ranks first among the raw and ripe puer teas respectively produced by Mengahi tea factory. 7542 has a pure and lasting aroma, strong and heavy taste and sweet aftertaste. A period of natural aging allows the cake to develop a richer and full-bodied flavor. This tea is held up as the quality benchmark by which all raw puer teas are measured in China. 73 raw puer cake, 88 raw puer cake, 96 Orange Seal and 97 Blue Seal, widely favored by tea lovers are the early names of 7542 raw puer cake in different period of time. Similarly, 7572 ripe puer cake is held up as the quality benchmark by which all ripe puer teas are measured. This tea is properly fermented with the brownish red dry leaves, bright and red infusion, mellow and full-bodied taste. The tea is praised for its high comprehensive quality. Ever since the recipes were first developed in the mid-1970s,  7542 raw puer cake together with 7572 ripe puer cake, making a perfect pair, have become a legend in puer tea industry and the representatives of classic puer teas.


Early Puer Tea Products 

Middle-stage TAETEA Puer Teas

 Contemporary TAETEA Puer Teas

aged puer teas
Representative products: the Seal series (such as the above mentioned 96 Orange and 97 Blue Seal)         puer brick, puer square, and Chi Tse Beeng Cha (seven-piece puer cakes wrapped in bamboo sheaths)

age between 8 to 14
Representative products: 501 Star of Menghai ripe puer tea cake, Spring of Menghai raw puer tea cake, 501 Wu-Jin-hao raw puer tea cake and 501 Golden Melody raw puer tea cake  (the number 501 means the first batch produced in 2005)