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A New Generation of Healthy Tea-based Beverage

ELITEA refers to a series of health-benefiting puer tea based beverage made by using the 3rd generation smart fermentation technology. The beverage contains bountiful beneficial substances produced after the tea leaves goes through a smart fermentation process and then being extracted. By adding functional substances at a scientific percentage, ELITEA products help with some common health problems today, such as gastrointestinal disease and hyperglycemia.

The 3rd Generation Smart Fermentation Technology

The 3rd Generation Smart Fermentation Technology


The 3rd generation smart fermentation technology, also known as microbial tea production technology, is a new type of fermentation technology aiming to improve consumers’ health. It marks another milestone in the history of puer tea industry. The puer tea that has been fermented by using this new biotechnology contains more beneficial substances and are more nutritious. So far, TAETEA owns own 24 patents for invention and 3 patents for utility model, all related to the new fermentation technology. This marks the entering of China’s tea industry in the era of microbial technology.



Value of health



Using ingredients consumed as both medicine and food

在充分挖掘发酵茶对人体健康价值的基础上, 部分益原素产品也辅以药食同源的原料。


 Smart fermentation

在1973年第二代发酵技术试验成功之后,大益 于2016年再次首创“第三代智能发酵技术”,重新定义了普洱茶发酵。


 Scientific formula


ELITEA Products

We now have three generations of ELITEA products: Formula A,helping to reduce blood sugar level; formula B, helping with digestion and formula U, helping to lower uric acid.