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TAETEA Puer & Cafe is one of our subsidiaries, also known as TAETEA’s cafe. Headquartered in Shanghai, it is a leading company providing a new puer tea drinking experience in a modern environment. TAETEA Puer & Cafe aims to make puer tea known to the public through diverse puer tea related selections, such as puer tea drinks, cakes, ice cream etc. In 2012, the concept of Puer & Cafe was officially put forward, redefining the way of tea drinking among urban young people and creating a new tea drinking space in modern times. Up to now, we have more than 10 stores operating in Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou and South Korea, which injects new impetus in traditional puer tea market.




In 2021, TAETEA opened a sports-themed Puer & Cafe store in Guangzhou city after sponsoring Guangdong basketball team now known as Guangdong Dongguan TAETEA basketball team. It is a new attempt made by TAETEA. Drawing inspiration from the cutting-edge concept of sports plus health in modern life, we make innovation in operating mode and develop many new products, which creates an unlimited experience of puer tea drinking and initiates a new fashionable and healthy lifestyle for consumers.


Store in Guangzhou
TAETEA Puer & Cafe ( Yong Qing Fang store) , No. 21, 23,25 and 27, first floor, Yong Qing Avenue, Enning Road, Zhi Wan District, Guangzhou
Stores in Yunnan
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Menghai membership store), No.9 tea factory Road, Menghai Town, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Changshui Airport store No.1), Domestic Flights Boarding Gate 17, Terminal F3, Changshui Airport, Kunming City, Yunnan 
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Changshui Airport store No.2), Domestic Flights Boarding Gate 29, Terminal F3, Changshui Airport, Kunming City, Yunnan 
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Gaozhuang store), No.107, Building 2,  Gaozhuang Xishuangjing Village, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan 
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Jinghong Airport store), Terminal B-F01, Jinghong Airport, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (South Asia Flagship store), Building A2, the First Town in South Asian Style Central Commercial Plaza, No. 569, Dianchi Road, Kunming City, Yunnan
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (store for the Young), Activity hall room 201,  second floor of   Multi-purpose Service Building, Yunnan University,  Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan
TAETEA Puer & Cafe (Wanghu store), Weiselect Wanghu Hotel, No.17, Hongta West Road, Dianchi International Tourism Resorts, Kunming City, Yunnan